Windows 10 [03/2015] from a developer point of view.

Pretty impressed by Microsoft Windows 10 so far.

Visual studio 2015 show the maturity of Microsoft developing tools (…looking at you Google). Still not sure about the “universal” approach (writing once deploying to everything).

Pretty annoying not being able to import VS2015 project into older versions.


New project: Integra Onkyo Remote

AV Receiver
AV Receiver

Start working on an Integra/Onkyo A/V receiver remote control over the network.

Developing started
Developing started

The protocol is way more solid than the one implemented by Directv for their DVR.
First version for Windows store will be out pretty soon.
All the network stack is pretty much already in place.
Integra / Onkyo owners suggestions?

edit: why a guy from [Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhegorod, Russian Federation  ] would download that pic? The ISCP (the integra/onkyo network protocol is avaible online.