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OK, I’m back

In the middle of home renovation: the 3d always start itching

SHOWER_02 2016-09-27 18374500000 SHOWER_02 2016-09-25 19090600000

I should be able to focus a bit more in next weeks (months?).

Lot of new features for the DirecTV Remotes  ( configuarable autotune, full channels list, sharw favourite shows?)

Refined the code for the Onkyo/Integra receivers and added zones support.

Porting to Universal Windows  app universe the applications (bye bye full screen and confuse settings)

Finally publishing the zwave controller

…who knows

CHZ-Wave Universal App – GURULOG 1457989278

The future look bright and shiny. The (new?) class DeviceInformation look pretty complete and seem that every peripheral connected to the computer have and  UUID (¿Universal? Unique Identifier):
is the “Id” of the AEOTEC USB Stick connected to the computer USB port.
I want point out the genericness of the Name field:
USB Serial Device (COM3)
and the PID of the Microsoft GPS module:
(…) no comments
Seem I could use it to automatically recognize when the USB STICK is swapped around on different ports (USB and virtual COM).

I’m writing a Windows Store application based on an actual hardware device.  I need to be sure things stay idiot proof