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User feedback

The application is starting to diffuse pretty well.
At this point it start to count myself up a bit.

I am fairly curios to check how much the remote is actually used.
If I can pull a couple of SQL tables on GoDaddy and write a couple of PHP miniAPI servers I could push an update soon.2014-07-29 18_51_59-DirecTV Remote Control

10 “LikeIt/HateIt votes” for each DVR and instant feedback about how other users rated the show.



Favorities ready. Pretty happy about it.


2014-07-29 18_36_42-DirecTV Remote Control

I finally got motivated to scratch the “favorities itch”.

Since, seem, that in the US the channel numbering/position¬† is “zipcode based” I can’t deploy a predefined “most popular” channels. I let the users to build their own top 8s, I run out of space for a top 10…

I could start thinking about an “achievement scheme” based on how the remote is used.

Favourite list is almost here

I had to decide some timeline since many minor features keep creeping in my workflow.

Experimenting with different features sometime little usability gems came to light:
with a “secondary” network remote it’s possible to “tune” to different channels while keep browsing the guide using the command:
where _DVR_IP_ is the dvr network address and _XXX_ is the channel.
That’ the command the I’ll use for the Remote’s favourities.

New DTVRC skin?

As this SolidSignal review pointed out the “(remote) looks pretty massive on a 27″ monitor”.
I hate the wasted space and I am thinking to prepare a couple of “big monitor skins”. The remote was originally designed with as a surface app (big fingerfriendly buttons).
I already prepared the graphic that mimic the layout of a traditional remote and I could use that for the snapped view as alternative to the reduced buttons set.

Short time off from the official remote branch

After deployed the new “almost friendly multireceivers” version of the DRTVRC I’m thinking to implementing some kind of feedback from the user trough the application itself.
The idea would be to add a “rate the current show” feature and retrieve how other users rated the same show.
The implemantation is pretty simple, a database on the webserver (GoDaddy came with MySQL preinstalled), a couple of simple PHP pages and the simplest API ever (TM) is ready.

Multiple Receivers support almost here….

Multi DVRs feature slowly creeping in…

2014-07-22 10_23_12-Dev Center - Windows Store apps - Internet Explorer

In this (minor) realease I added a rudimental support of multiple receivers on the same network. To make things a bit easier for the used a “setting” button is now present directly in the application interface to try to mitigate the confusion of the “side swipe – setting” that I personally hate.

2014-07-22 10_26_00-DirecTV Remote Control

In next version the multiple receivers will receive (PUN) much more attentions and care. I plan to let people name the discovered DVRs and have the list always present in the main interface.

I could try to introduce a basic support of the Genie before that.

Like usual the store link: