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Broadening to India and South America

Seem that Sky( futter_logo) share at least the SHEF protocol (if not the whole hardware?) with DirecTV DVR HR models.

Looking for feedback from someone that have access to any SKY hardware: SKY is all over the place but seem every country adopt different DVR boxes. would be nice a census of what do works and what does not with DTVRC remote.

A free 1 week trial version is avaible on the Microsoft Windows Store:




Checking the API…

Parking the idea of using the Rovi services for a while.
Seem they are the only “official” TV schedule API widely used by the big names. That mean that their “Term of use” would probably be an hell for a single developer project. I’m thinking to just integrate a web page and just give the user a window over some external source but not really tided to the remote.
I definetly want check the services instead. I’m thinking to pass to their API the string that the RECEIVER return for each show and link to their pages.