WINDOWS – SKY Remote Control Privacy

The SKY® remote control will not collect any user Personally Identifiable Information anytime with anyone. It does not use any cookies. It does not contact any internt site/server.


It’s a remote control and it should act like one.


No ads, no suspicious accounts, no popups, no user tracking or anything else.

2 thoughts on “WINDOWS – SKY Remote Control Privacy”

  1. I have been using the direct tv app (which s excellent) on my 8 ” Dell Venue Pro Tablet. I noticed that on the last upgrade (5) the column with the fav channel boxes is cut off and so is the column on the middle right. Any adjustments I can make? Are you going to make an adjustment so the app fits 8″ Tablets.
    Thank you,

    1. Yep, Im preparing a “snapfriendly(er)” version that will fit a complete remote and favorites in a 320 pixel column.
      Thanks for checking the app and for the feedback. Stay tuned.

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