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CH ZWave Server is almost ready to hit the road

The ZWave protocol is not complicate at all but every Home Automation solutions seem to rely on the (excellent?) OpenZWave library.
Even the AllSeen Alliance based their framework AllJoyn over it and Microsoft included the framework into the official ISO of Windows-IoT.

I decided to write from scratch my own implementation to be able to troubleshot and manage things a bit more directly and to learn something more about the ZWave and whole home automation scene.

I’ll try to release a working version before Xmas 2015.
The application will be able to manage every ZWave controllers  that expose a virtual serial port and it will run over Microsoft Windows; typically an USB Stick. Im using for my tests the excellent AEOTEC ZW090A (Ill do a linux port at some point ).
Link to another post for my initial impressions about the key.

It should be able to manage
1. “learn mode” : inclusion and esclusion of the USB STICK as a secondary controller.
2. “add node” : include new devices to the zwave network.
3. “remove node”: esclude devices from the zwave network.
4. “Recognize BINARY SWITCHES, receive feedbacks and send commands.
5. “Recognize BINARY SENSORS, receive feebacks.
6. Dinamycally monitoring Windows virtual serial ports.
7. Reset the ZWave configuration of the USB STICK.I will implement shortly other neat features (expose the devices over the network for user friendly clients, more complete support of the ZWave protocol, more devices).