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The Genie is (almost) out of the bottle

Ok, after deployed the new

2014-07-22 10_26_00-DirecTV Remote Control
IP receiver(s) interface I can focus on try to wrap my head around the GENIE support. Once a receiver is being selected I have to make sure to query the list of miniunits connected to the servers.

The command
should return

"locations": [
"clientAddr": "0",
"locationName": "BONUS"
"clientAddr": "B4F2E8BA0C41",
"locationName": "OFFICE"
"status": {
"code": 200,
"commandResult": 0,
"msg": "OK.",
"query": "/info/getLocations"

Then I should be able to send commands directly to the sub-boxes adding the clientaddress in the queries…
At least in theory.
Any volounter out there that would help me test things out a bit?


Multiple Receivers support almost here….

Multi DVRs feature slowly creeping in…

2014-07-22 10_23_12-Dev Center - Windows Store apps - Internet Explorer

In this (minor) realease I added a rudimental support of multiple receivers on the same network. To make things a bit easier for the used a “setting” button is now present directly in the application interface to try to mitigate the confusion of the “side swipe – setting” that I personally hate.

2014-07-22 10_26_00-DirecTV Remote Control

In next version the multiple receivers will receive (PUN) much more attentions and care. I plan to let people name the discovered DVRs and have the list always present in the main interface.

I could try to introduce a basic support of the Genie before that.

Like usual the store link: