Checking the API…

Parking the idea of using the Rovi services for a while.
Seem they are the only “official” TV schedule API widely used by the big names. That mean that their “Term of use” would probably be an hell for a single developer project. I’m thinking to just integrate a web page and just give the user a window over some external source but not really tided to the remote.
I definetly want check the services instead. I’m thinking to pass to their API the string that the RECEIVER return for each show and link to their pages.

One thought on “Checking the API…”

  1. I am stuck. I can’t seem to figure out how to mimic the remote control (the new remote, that doesn’t have an input button)…
    I want to mimic changing the Input. The new way is to hold down the enter key until the selection comes up…then using the up/down errors highlight the input you want and pressing select.
    I’ve tried this but it only mimics the enter key being pressed.

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