8 thoughts on “Onkyo – Integra Remote control for Windows is out”

  1. Glad to find this Windows app for my Onkyo AV amplifier. Now trialling on an HP Stream 7 tablet. Many good features but it seems buggy with my TX-NR414. The biggest issue is no control of volume. The left hand scale (data sent?) moves but the right hand one doesn’t. Similar story with seek during an audio track replay using USB. Will buy to encourage development – keep up the good work!

    1. Very odd. I assumed the official protocol from Integra (a subdivision of Onkyo) shared all commands between the 2 brands.

      Feel free to drop me a mail to try to troubleshot the issue.
      The idea of the 2 side by side indicators (on the volume and on the seek track) is to let the user check the command and have the receiver catch up and send back the new status.
      The 2 “vol-” and “vol+” buttons works slightly different then the volume bar. Please let me know if the TX-NR414 doesn’t let you control the volume at all.
      The seek bar is a bit trickier. Not all the stream services let the receiver control the positioning. Playing a tracks from your own network DLNA (upnp) or Home media (smb shared folders) is the way to test and use that feature.
      Thanks for spending the time to try the application and to post your comment here.

  2. Hi, I purchased your app and installed it on a Windows 10 laptop and tablet. My receiver, an Onkyo HT-RC660 (similar to the TX-NR636), is detected by the app straight away, but it doesn’t connect. Anything I can do to troubleshoot the issue? Thanks!

    1. Sorry to hear that you already purchased the application but the application isnt working as expected.
      Ill be more than happy to troubleshoot things togheter if you feel like.
      Ill check if the HT-RC660 follow different protocol.

    1. Thanks for downloading, testing the app and taking the time to comment here.
      I’ve been lazy. Since I don’t use the zone I never completed the interface for multiple zones…
      I’m thinking I could publish an update with zones supports before the end of October. Feel free to mail me if you want suggest something about it or other features. I have no real experience with how people use zones and I could use some suggestions 🙂

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