User feedback

The application is starting to diffuse pretty well.
At this point it start to count myself up a bit.

I am fairly curios to check how much the remote is actually used.
If I can pull a couple of SQL tables on GoDaddy and write a couple of PHP miniAPI servers I could push an update soon.2014-07-29 18_51_59-DirecTV Remote Control

10 “LikeIt/HateIt votes” for each DVR and instant feedback about how other users rated the show.



3 thoughts on “User feedback”

  1. I installed your app on a windows 8.1 tablet.

    Will not connect to THR22-100 Directv TiVo receiver. Evidently the receiver either hides it’s IP address, or your app doesn’t know where to look. It worked fine on my replaced HR24 receiver.

    There seems to be no way to manually enter the TiVo receiver IP address, as there is no way to access the internet setup in the TiVo receiver to find out what it is.

    If you know how to remedy this problem, please let me know.

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