Zwave progress

Ok, I survived stupid Sunday and the Server side of the Zwave projust is almost ready for primetime.
The server should be pretty solid. It keep checking every 20 seconds if anything is changed on the Zwave infrastructure and update correctly the devices avaible to the user.
The server/client protocol I wrote is still pretty immature but it does the job and turning on and off switches is blazing fast (especially compared to when the commands go trough the Smartthings hub).
Im using the Aeotec Zwave usb stick ZW090-A as a secondary controller of the Smartthings hub and it automatically recognize all the Zwave paired with the main hub.
One advantage is that the USB stick will works even if internet is now avaible (only recently Smartthings start to implement a offline solution on the revision 2 of their hub).

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