SmartThings and GE Jasco Remote 45600


Remote [Hold Setup] : RED/GREEN LED flash twice
Remote [969] : GREEN LED flashes twice.

ADD Remote to SmartThing network

SmartThings APP: [+] [+ Connect New Device] -> Searching…
Remote: [Hold Setup] : (RED/GREEN LED blink twice)
Remote: [967] : (GREED LED rapid blink) till the connection
SmartThings APP: Complete the installation naming the device


The “light (aka power switch)” must already be part of the SmartThings infrastructure.
You can add a maximum of 18 lights to your remote so that they can be controlled individually.

The devices should always be reset  prior  new ‘inclusion’:

Remote: [Hold Setup] until both the RED/GREEN LEDs blink twice.
Remote: [DELETE] (Red Blink)
Remote: [Light] (flashes green rapidly).
Device: [configuration button] reset is complete when green stops flashing.
(the  green led blink 2 time faster as succes confirmation feedback).
Remote: [hold SETUP] until both the RED/GREEN LEDs blink twice.
Remote: [ADD] once. (RED LED blinks once)
Remote: [LIGHT] once. (RED LED blinks once)
Remote:  Press a digit [1…9] (GREEN LED blinks rapidly)
for the device button you wish to add.
Press SHIFT and the digit [1…9] if you are adding devices 10 through 18. 
Device: [configuration button] on the device so that it sends its information to the remote and receives information from the remote.
When the GREEN LED blinks twice, you have successfully added the device to your remote control.
NOTE: If the RED LED emits one long, steady blink, you have pressed an invalid key or the device has not been successfully added to your remote.
Please make sure the remote is within two feet of the device and try again.

Complete list of the 45600  “magic key sequences”:

0967add this controller as primary/secondary controller (LEARN)
09661add another secondary controller (device and network information)
09662add another secondary controller (network information only)
09681make another remote primary controller (device and network information)
09682make another remote primary controller (network information only)

To activate the above MKS press and hold the SETUP key until both the red and green LEDs blink twice before typing the code.

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