Intermatic HA07 Wireless Master Controller ZWave

Standalone ZWave master controller or can be used as secondary controller.

Tested with Smartthings

First, do a full reset on the remote (to disassociate it with any previous controller). On the HA09, that consists of:

  1. Press and hold INCLUDE and DELETE buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. The red and green LED’s
    will flash.
  2. Hold the Channel 1 ON/DIM and OFF/DIM buttons until the green LED turns solid.

To add HA07 controller

Turn on include on Smartthings hub
Press and hold INCLUDE for 5 seconds COPY will flash
Release the INCLUDE button
Press and release Channel 1 OFF/DIM on the HA07 controller
The display will show “RA” (wait a few min for ST to add it)
Add modules to HA07

add devices to channels on the remote (‘Include’):

  1. On the remote controller, simultaneously press and hold the ON and OFF buttons of the desired channel. Both red and green LED’s will flash. Release the ON and OFF buttons.
  2. Press and hold the INCLUDE
    button. While still holding the INCLUDE
    button, press the program button on the module (switch, lamp module, etc).
    Choose a light level holding the module PROGRAM button.
  3. After setting your desired light level, release the
    INCLUDE button on the remote controller. The green
    LED’s on the controller and module will flash. The
    module LED will turn solid green.
  4. To include additional devices to the channel, repeat

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