ZWAVE basic protocol UWP app (Windows Store)

Now that I established that UWP app support Serial ports (finally) I can think about writing a basic, close to the hardware, straightforward ZWAVE app for Windows Store

I considered doing it back when “ZWave people” tried to protocol closed and secret.

I sniffed things around using a sigma developer app that was floating around internet at the time and it seemed pretty simple stuff.

ZWave seem to be passed around different “owners”/companies and now the (once expensive) SDK seem to be free and open… Good job wasting 5 years.

Put togheter a quick and dirty proof of concept and things seem to be pretty easy and reliable

The idea is to push (ASAP) a Windows Store client App for those ZWave USB sticks and let people be able to troubleshoot//interact a bit with whatever Home Automation solution they choosed to play with.