(Not) ≠ Physical Buttons

Volume and lock screen
buttons replacement

The application add the following functions to the Notifications area:
Home Button
Lock Button (Full secure lock: i.e. the fingerprint can not be used to unlock the device)
Audio Mute Button (set the Audio level to 0)
Audio Decrease level Button (-1/16)
Audio Increase level Button (+1/16)
Bonus Device Info in the About.

Notification background color
Volume bar color
Mute color
Home button behavior

The application don’t add any Ad in the notification area. Ever.

The following permission are required:
Full network access [ADMob]
Administrator privilege [Locking screen]

★Uninstall notes
An application with the “Administrator Privilege” can’t be uninstalled without before disabling the relative permission. 
The NOT-PB’s Red knob automatically remove the application permission and let the user uninstall the application like usual.

NOT-PB for ANDROID will not collect any user Personally Identifiable Information anytime with anyone. It does not use any cookies.It does not contact any internet site/server.