SmartThings and GE 45631 Z-Wave Wireless Keypad Controller

This device provides control of 4 Groups and 4 Scenes. Up to 32 Z-Wave devices can be included in each of the Groups and Scenes. It is a secondary controller only and cannot function as a primary controller. Associate a device to the remote 1. Press and hold the Add and Remove buttons at the same time until the Orange LED blinks twice, then release 2. Press and release the Add button. 3. Press and release the Group button. Press and release the right side (ON) of the Group/Scene button (1, 2, 3 or 4) that you want to assign the device to. The Orange LED will start blinking. Press and release the button on the device you wish to add. The Green LED will blink twice to show that you have successfully Added a device to a Scene