SP-Remote: control for Spotify Connect.

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SP-Remote screenshots.

A ClientID generated using a Spotify Premium Account
The ClientID is a unique identifier used by the application for integration with Spotify

To generate the ClientID log in into the spotify developer dashboard
using a user with a Premium account.

Once logged in to the developer platform create (or modify) an app with the follower details:

App name:         < SP-Remote >
App description:  < Windows Store Remote control >
Website:          <        > (empty)
Redirect URI:     < http://localhost:12345/ >

Select [ Web API ] in ‘Which API/SDKs are you planning to use?’ section.

Agree with Spotify’s Developer Terms of Service and Design Guidelines.”

Finally open the app’s dashboard, look for the section labeled [ Settings]

Copy the < Client ID > from there.

SP-Remote Product identity
Store ID 9NCFQ337T0LS
Store protocol link ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9NCFQ337T0LS

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